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Nairobi (6 September 2002) - The Representative of the Secretary General for Somalia, Mr Winston Tubman, expresses deep concern at the recurring loss of lives as a result of sporadic fighting in many areas of Somalia.

Mogadishu, Baidoa, Puntland and Gedo region have all experienced outbreaks of violence with heavy loss of lives in recent months. The United Nations itself has seen four of its staff held hostage in Mogadishu in the last six months.

“Somalia has become a watchword for violence and anarchy around the world,” Mr Tubman said, “This vicious cycle of violence must stop.” He called on all Somalis to seek peaceful means to settle disputes.

He also said the pervasive climate of insecurity was not conducive to the preparations for the Somalia National Reconciliation conference, currently being prepared by IGAD. The UN in general, and his office, the UN Political Office for Somalia in particular, fully support these efforts. “Somalis should not squander another opportunity to find peace, but should be seeking ways to reconcile among themselves before the international interest in their country dissipates.”


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